Diabetes Advocate Sparda Deleon Blog About It...

Sparda Deleon Takes Us on His Journey as a Diabetic...

Sparda Deleon is a Bronx native who is musically talented and uses his talent to impact diabetics around the world.

He allowed us to talk with him about his journey as a Type1 Diabetic and listen to his new music correlated with diabetes. You can follow his campaign at www.spardadeleon.com

How did you know you had diabetes? What were your symptoms? 

I kept having to go to the bathroom urinating frequently...I lost ALOT of weight....went from 155....to 95....mouth was ALWAYS dry.....no matter what I drink & I was also still thirsty after guzzling crazy water.  

How was it transitioning from being a diabetic in the hospital to being a diabetic at home? How long were you in the hospital? 

I never went to the hospital. When I was diagnosed? I went to my doctor told him my symptoms he did a test and said I was a type 2.....which was wrong I found out 3 years ago I'm type 1. So wrong meds for years didn't help my situation either.

Did your friends or family treat you differently

I was never really tight with my family like that to begin with but when they found out it was like...yup.....another one. It runs heavy in my family.

Have you ever had an episode where your sugar was too low or too high besides your diagnosis and you went into the hospital? What caused that to happen?

YES. I've had scary lows.....passing out....from taking too much insulin and not eating enough to balance......I've had highs where it didn't read but I just took insulin and I was good. All this was last year. This year I've been on point. 

What are some things that you do to keep your blood sugar under control?

Maintain my joy.....stress is a big influence on your levels....on what you want to eat....on HOW you eat....& How MUCH you eat. I try to keep sweets for the lows and never leave the house without insulin. 

What advice would you give to other diabetics?

WATCH HOW MUCH MEAT YOUR EATING. I dig everybody just cant go vegan or even vegetarian but if you limit your meat intake...increase your greens.....and snack on fruits.....not only will your levels thank you your body & mind will. You will feel the cleanse. You dig me?

Does any of your family or friends have diabetes? 

4 of us. 3 have passed from it....so it's on me to get famous and provide the means for us to get to a cure or more accessible way of living comfortable & EATING RIGHT. 

Have you had any embarrassing encounters with other people that didn't know you had diabetes? What happened?

No. Nothing is more embarrassing than not being open about who you are & what you deal with as a diabetic. Now I don't go flagging it on my clothes....but if a convo comes up where that info may help someone understand you or what you go through I'll inform them. 

Do you inject insulin or wear a pump?

I just rock with the lantus and novolog. My a1c is 7.0 so I guess what I'm doing works for me. I'm type 1.

If you could look Diabetes in the face, what will you tell it? 

"YOU WILL NEVER BEAT ME EVEN IF IM DIABETIC" (SINGING MY HOOK TO THE SONG) you dig me? Ill also say....I needed you to be the best me I can be.....work with me...and I'll cure you.  

What inspired you to write the song diabetic?

Great question...& timing........with the question before this........I heard the track and the sample kinda sounds like a high pitched lady saying...." You will never beat me even if I'm Diabetic". Which was dope! Because I was trying to find the right sound to create a hip hop kind of anthem for us Diabetics that will inspire us to keep fighting...keep going....to make changes to our lives in general to be the best version of ourselves we can be. & I wanted the first major push I gave myself & when the world hears me it will be with my truth. 
I WANT THIS TO BE MY BODAK YELLOW. (Giving a current example) also being I'm from the Bronx like shawty it would be dope that the bx has a guy and girl killing it with their truths......The anthem when it come on ppl go ham. Ppl feel good cause they know they apart of a community who goes through the same fights also being that Diabetes is so common among in low poverty stricken places they all know someone who battled or is battling this dis-ease. Most importantly....to bring more awareness to the dis-ease and to be the face of the fight. (sorry i know mad long but I needed you dig me).  

Do you plan on writing similar music to the song diabetic?

ABSOLUTELY. I will always provide some sort of anthem highlighting something involving our story or our struggle or even a jam that can uplift and inspire diabetics to get up....make the changes to the diet.....their exercise routines....their mental states. I want to be the famous face of Diabetes with SOLE purpose of helping others with this dis-ease get better.

Written by Anjellica Sharpe
Creator of Heeling Diabetes INC
Heel. Empower. Educate. Life


  1. I love to see people like yourself doing things to help diabetics I'm a parent of a 13 yr old diabetic and have been through so much.It's definetly a battle which her battle is my battle and I myself would love to do something with diabetes and helping others as well

    1. Yayyy! We're so happy you like our post :) Please share and feel free to submit your story of what it's like to be a parent of a diabetic.


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